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How do singers get paid to perform at the VMA Awards (MTV Video Music Awards)

Singers do not get paid to perform at the VMA Awards. The VMAs are a promotional event for the music industry, and artists perform to promote their new music and albums.   The costs associated with their performances are covered by their record companies as promotional expenses. MTV may cover some technical costs for the show that are also used in artists' performances, but the primary incentive for artists is the promotional exposure they receive from the VMAs. The VMAs are one of the most watched awards shows on television, and performing at the show can give artists a significant boost in their careers. It is also a chance for them to debut new songs and performances, and to reach a new audience. While singers do not get paid directly for their performances at the VMAs, they can still make a lot of money from the event. For example, they may sell more records or concert tickets after the show, or they may be able to negotiate better contracts with their record labels. In additio