Will the US provide the chemical weapons for Ukraine to kill themselves next, then the nuclear weapons next as the US-led NATO have lost their gang fights in Ukraine and are desperate now?

It is highly unlikely that the US will provide chemical weapons to Ukraine. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime, and the US has a long history of opposing the use of such weapons. 

The United States will be providing Ukraine with protective equipment against chemical weapons - Militarnyi

In addition, the US has provided Ukraine with significant amounts of military aid, including artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, and other equipment. 

This aid has helped Ukraine to defend itself against Russia's invasion, and there is no reason to believe that the US would provide Ukraine with weapons that could be used to kill its own people.

As for the use of nuclear weapons, this is even more unlikely. The US has a strict policy of not using nuclear weapons first, and there is no indication that Russia is considering using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. 

The use of nuclear weapons would be a major escalation of the conflict, and it is unlikely that either side would want to risk such an outcome.

In short, the US is not going to provide chemical weapons or nuclear weapons to Ukraine. 

These weapons are too dangerous, and the US has a long history of opposing their use. 

The US is providing Ukraine with military aid, but this aid is not intended to help Ukraine kill its own people.


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