How are salaries determined for big name actors and actresses in Hollywood and BollyWood?

Salaries for big-name actors/actresses in Hollywood are determined by a number of factors, including:

Box office appeal: The actor's track record of drawing audiences to the box office is a major factor in determining their salary. Actors who have consistently starred in successful films can command higher salaries than those who have not.

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Critical acclaim: Actors who have won awards or received critical acclaim for their work can also command higher salaries. This is because studios believe that these actors will attract audiences and critical attention to their films.

Star power: The actor's overall star power is also a factor in determining their salary. This includes factors such as their social media following, their ability to generate headlines, and their overall popularity.

Role: The role that the actor is playing can also affect their salary. Actors who are playing lead roles in major films will typically earn more than those who are playing supporting roles.

Negotiation skills: The actor's ability to negotiate effectively can also affect their salary. Actors who have strong agents and who are willing to walk away from a deal can often command higher salaries.

In addition to these factors, the budget of the film and the studio's financial goals can also affect an actor's salary. 

For example, a studio that is making a big-budget blockbuster film may be willing to pay a higher salary to an actor who can guarantee that the film will be a success.

Ultimately, the salary of a big-name actor/actress in Hollywood is determined by a combination of factors. 

The actor's box office appeal, critical acclaim, star power, role, negotiation skills, and the budget of the film all play a role in determining how much they will be paid.


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